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7 Ways to Feel Connected to Your Spirit

Your Spirituality

Some of the little things I have done to keep my life afloat and moving in the right direction. You should always choose the right path for you. Make feeling connected with yourself and your positive energy top priority.

1. Prayer or meditation: I would like to think that most of us have had a moment where we need peace to settle our brain from overload and to get back in touch with what is important to us.

This may be a quick prayer to ask for guidance when you are struggling or a time to pray for a friend in need. Moments like this help you feel connected to your spirit and your true self.

Meditation works the same way. You may meditate on a sore leg, stomach, or an issue at work or home you want resolved. You need this time to work your mind, body and soul through the movements that can get you where you want to be—in a peaceful state of mind.

In an AARP article, “Stressed Out! Take a Breather with these Meditation Apps.” You can learn how to meditate for a calmer you.

2. Walk and talk: Yes, talking to yourself is perfectly fine. I do it all the time and I get funny looks and glances my way, but sometimes you just have to ‘do you.’ My walking time allows me to think out my projects whether it’s writing, fitness or work related. I use this time to organize my thoughts.

And when I am not thinking… you can catch me trying out a dance move from BTS, Monsta X or Got7. I don’t care what anyone says; I love to dance and you can be over 50 and enjoy Kpop.

3. Journaling: You don’t have to be a writer to enjoy journaling and putting your thoughts in a cute notebook. No one has to see what you write about. Where are you struggling right now? Write it down. Jot down names of motivators who are doing what you want to do. Research them. Jot down your findings.

These notes will come in handy today or tomorrow, but have them when you need them. What is going well for you? How did it happen? What do you think you did right to get here? Write it down. Again, look at your mentors, what were their step-by-step action plans. Copy and repeat!

4. Volunteer: I know this one seems like an odd thing to do while connecting with your spirituality, but giving to others has reduced stress levels and increase gratitude. What do you like to do in your spare time? Write? Volunteer at a bookstore, a book festival or a school to teach writing. Read? Volunteer to read to children or a group of seniors at a retirement home. Do you enjoy gardening? Volunteer at a farm.

You get the idea. Why not have fun and enjoy connecting with your spirit? Volunteering does not have to be painful.

5. Donate: You may think that throwing away your old CDs or dishes is better than giving them to Goodwill and you may be right, but pass them along to friends and family. Better yet, their children, possibly all grown now, could get some use out of your older dishes, books and linens.

What if they haven’t heard of Fleetwood Mac or Earth, Wind and Fire? Come on now, everyone should hear Fleetwood Mac’s “Go your own way,” and Earth, Wind and Fire’s, “September.” You have not truly lived without those songs on your playlists.

6. Me Time: You must set time aside for yourself. And you absolutely must treat yourself to something, anything, to get your mood on high and your spirit headed in the right direction. My mom loved to treat herself to Dairy Queen banana split when she had a rough day. A pair of new pants when she hit her weight loss goals and a nice dinner when all was right with herself and the world.

Take it from us, a banana split every once in a while does good for your body and your mind.

Yoga: I know what you must be thinking.

7. Yoga: is not for everyone and I agree some prefer the weight room or spin class to a yoga session, but if you try it, your spirit will thank you for it. And if your spirit doesn’t, your body certainly will. We can do Yoga moves standing, on a mat or sitting. I even did a few yoga moves in my hospital bed.

Sometimes you just need to move and those little movements give you strength to take the leap into a yoga class, private session, a yoga app or a yoga book or video. Just get started–ten minutes a day can bring you peace and calm for the rest of the day—or until the kids come home, or work calls… you get the picture.

If you have fun and interesting ways to connect to your spirit, please reach out and share. I am always looking for sound ideas to connect to my spirituality and to share those findings with others.

Pay it forward—good will to others, always does.

Be Blessed.

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