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Can Pebbles Bring YOU Joy? Let's Try it!

How to Use Pebbles to Share Your JOY with Others!

WE use rocks in everyday life. From construction to medicine to the production of gas. Rocks come from the earth and they are everywhere and help human-beings in everything we do. Nutrients such as vitamins, proteins, enzymes, amino acids, fats, oils, etc., come from these pebbles that can bring us joy in more ways than one.

And we also know that the minerals in rocks are used to build things and that minerals are vital to our health. Our bodies require minerals for proper cellular function.

When the Pebble Ministry Incorporated, they started this nonprofit organization in 2014. The founder, Troyce Simmons, has one mission in mind: “To love our neighbors by giving pebbles in your hands, love in your hearts.”

He came across this idea on a mountaintop when he wrote on a large rock, “My mountain of Peace.” Troyce heard a voice say, “Share it.” And so he did and continues to do so today.

So when the Pebble Ministry gifts you with a pebble or pebbles, you receive them with joy. Or at least they hope you do. The team at Pebble Ministry hopes you receive these gifts with love and pass it forward. Whether you create your set of pebbles to gift to someone else or you pass along what they gave to you, they hope everyone they come across experiences the joy that comes with the gifts of receiving messaged rocks, especially for you.

When I was given my gift of pebbles a few weeks ago, I thought they were the coolest thing. Rocks with painted words on them. Words that spoke of how I should feel and how I want to feel in the future. Happy. Be. Love. and Life.

You can read your pebbles anyway you want and what comes naturally to you. I read, be love happy. Be love. Be life. Be Happy. Those messages were exactly what I needed to hear.

These words reminded me in a time of struggle what I am here for and what I can give the world, despite my sudden medical condition temporarily holding me down.

Or so I thought.

But you can change your mindset. You can rethink how you choose to start the day. These pebbles further proved what I already knew – words make a difference.

The words like: happy, joy, be, love, life, dream, inspire, on the pebbles may empower you: strengthen you, bring you joy, make you think and if nothing else serves as a reminder what you are and will continue to be to others.

Spread the love and the pebbles by gifting them to others as they were gifted to you. And if you haven’t yet received this gift, give the gift and see how it comes back.

Check out Pebble Ministry and see what they offer you and your community.

As you can imagine, pebbles, rocks, stones mean a great deal to the earth and our environment.

They mean even more when you share them with joy and love.

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