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Lessons Learned from 2022

And how to harness those lessons for a fulfilling 2023.

  • Make no commitments in January to fulfill in 12 months. Life does not always work that way and you are bound to end up regretting your goals.

  • Sometimes a good education is enough. Stop at the bachelor’s or masters. A Ph.D. is not always meant to be in the cards for everyone.

  • Plan for big trips ahead of time. Six months. A year. But also plan for an emergency. Frankly, they don’t always happen but when they do, be prepared. Backup travel insurance. Work. Home. School.

  • Have a B and a C plan. Know what you are going to do and not do if everything falls apart and your plans get buried.

Build a solid savings plan. Stash 10 bucks here, 20 dollars there. So, when the going gets tough–you have a plan and a side stash to keep you on your feet.

  • Keep in touch with family and friends at all times, especially if you are single and live alone. Let a good neighbor know your emergency contact. Let the landlords know who can enter your apartment when needed.

  • Do you have a car? Who has rights to your car once you are gone? Or sick and in the hospital. Who has a spare key to everything you own?

  • Save for a rainy day or an assistant helper. They can come in handy when you can’t drive, walk or get your essentials delivered to you.

  • Enjoy where you are. If you recently moved, act like a tourist first and a resident later. Discover hidden gems and the scenery like a kid.

  • And write everything down. Notes you want to pass on from generation to generation. Write it down. Label your notebooks, journals, diaries etc.

  • Don’t let your life get caught in a fire. What do I mean? Savor your memories, then pass them down.

  • Walk more. Visit with friends, family and strangers off the street. Get to know you and the world that surrounds you.

  • Cheer everyone on! Even if they have no shoes on their feet. A smile goes a long w

Share your gratitude's and ‘thank yous.’

  • Dance and sing like BTS is going to highlight you and call you up on stage.

  • Be fearless.

  • Enjoy your life outside of a hospital bed. You never know when you will end up in one and dream about life outside those four hospital room walls.

  • Indulge in the holidays: all of them.

  • Have your sweets, fried foods and chips occasionally.

  • Tomorrow you can clean out your system with tons of water, veggies and green tea.

  • Do not take your HEALTH for granted.

  • Listen.

  • Hear yourself, your gut, your head, your heart. Pay attention to your needs.

  • And finally, love yourself—inside and out. Wear it like a crown—everyday!

After my five weeks in and out of the hospital, these were the things that became important to me and centered my life and future goals. What does this mean for 2023?

  1. Find someone to produce one of my movies.

  2. Publish more books.

  3. Find a way to make a living doing what I love: writing, reading, movies.

  4. Share my adventures with friends and family.

Hefty goals. Attainable in a year? With courage, determination and God, everything is possible.

Be Blessed!

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