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Chasing Cherry Blossom: A Traveler's Odyssey from West to East

Chasing Cherry Blossom: A Traveler's Odyssey from West to East

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Can you remember the first trip you ever took? Was it with your parents, your partner, a childhood friend? My first trip was with my aunt Carol, my mother’s youngest sister. Carol was only ten years older than me and I was eleven when we took the trip. We took a greyhound bus out of Tacoma, Washington to Louisville, Kentucky. 


Though I had taken many other trips before with mom and my two brothers, this one was special or so I was made to think it was. 


“It’s your chance to get away. See someplace new. Have your nannie all to yourself.” Momma said. “You always cry about never going anywhere, now you do.”


Come along for the journey as I take you step-by-step through my process of hunting for teaching jobs in Japan, to the interview process, and finally the hiring and onboarding process. This eBook is full of successful tips and tricks that helped me get an job offer. Now the move. So, here we go.


Documented in the pages will be the process to finding a home in my new town. How I will get around and how I will socialize in a country where I don't speak the language, as of yet, and how I plan to see the sights that Japan has to offer. The odyssey has just begun, so hop on board and maybe you will be inspired to do the same. Whether in Japan or another country, the world awaits your discovery.


Let's go and see the world or at least a part of it.

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