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Here you will find a few of my clients. By polishing their resumes and cover letters, they are now working in the job in which they applied. My Resume and Cover Letter course will help you get the job you seek. One-on-one coaching sessions are available to compliment the course.



Kenny P. 
Graduate  Dec. 2024   Civil Engineering

My writing coach, Nina, really helped me with honing my resume and cover letter writing skills. They don't teach this class at my school. When do I follow up? Can I call them? All the right questions that this course can do for you. I had tons of interviews, but not enough interview skills to get the job. Less than six months later I found a great job making great money. Don't delay! The course and coaching was worth every penny.


Destiny G.
Graduate 2022

Coach Nina worked on my resume and cover letter a few months before I graduated. I applied for several internships after graduating and was turned down for all of them, except UCLA. I was thrilled they even considered my resume. I know I owe it all to Coach Nina and her efforts to help me build the best resume and cover letter for my desired career path. I was hired on after the internship and have been there ever since. I love this job.



Darius C.

Senior at Cal Poly Pomona 

Department of Civil Engineering

Nina’s lessons have really aided me academically and professionally. The tools have helped with my cover letters and writing composition.



Coach Nina taught me almost everything I know about job searching and interview tactics. The skills I now have range from resumé building, creating an outstanding cover letter, and keeping a professional composure during, and leading up to an interview. I can honestly say I would not have obtained the two jobs I have now without her.

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