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About Us

My niece, Sakura, is the inspiration behind the read-along YouTube stories we started in October 2023. We decided to add products to empower young boys and girls to be their own superheroes. Like Kaku, the Superhero was born from Sakura's inner self. We hope all boys, girls and adults too, will find the strength within themselves to endure and overcome life's challenges.

Whatever that battle is for you. 

What is a superhero? 

They are our powerful selves coming out in the open.

They are confident, generous, and kind.

They are the parts of us who help us get through the tough days

at school or work.

At, WeeZee's Kids, we believe in empowering kids to discover and celebrate their unique strengths.

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Our mission statement is:

Learn. Empower. Explore. Play. 

We want to emphasize the importance of empowering children to adopt a positive mindset, to build self-confidence and to develop

their creativity. There is no shortage of superheroes in the universe, but none like

Kaku, who came to us out of sharing 

kindness, love and self-confidence. 

We built this brand to lift us and others up

when they feel down.

Sakura's Kaku is a special Superhero.

A Superhero for all of US.



Our vision to encourage the kindness of others through our own acts of kindness was born out of Sakura's tough school days in Japan. Bullying is a worldwide issue from children to adults and harsh physical bullying can leave lasting mental and physical results. 

We were motivated to create a strong female

character whose inner-personality and strength is 

reflected in her alter-ego, her superhero, Kaku.

Our vision will remain on empowering kids all over the world, but we hope this empowerment rubs off on adults as well.



I am a Screenwriter, Freelance Writer and Teacher.

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I was born in Tacoma, Washington. A middle child and the only girl, I grew up on episodes of Kung Fu, Charlie's Angels and Nancy Drew. It's a wonder I grew up convinced I would want to write my own action hero equipped with a set of martial arts skills. Never giving up on the career dreams, "film career, here I come," and continue to grow spiritually while living life to the fullest. 

I traveled as a child, and grew up in cities like Colorado, Kentucky, Hawaii and Los Angeles, making pit stops in my older years in Kansas City, Omaha, and Jacksonville, Florida. I now call California home, though Tacoma and Hawaii, where I spent my teenage years, sticks to my skin like glue.


My travels encouraged happiness on the go and when sometimes I regretted not having just one place to call home, I realize my mother's flair for a life well-lived meant we moved around until we found our home. 


They say home is where the heart is, but my heart belongs to historical fiction. My heart belongs to my writing. Whether writing the fun dramatic pieces with a touch of romance and a bit of action, or a historical drama, or a mysterious action-packed thriller, I cannot put enough writing on paper.


It took me 30 years to return to college. There are no regrets. I want to write stories people love and stick with them for a lifetime. I was 53 when I received my master's degree in English at Loyola Marymount University. An interrupted PhD program in Hawaii, led me back to California and back to my writing. I am dusting off the dirt, finding my balance (literally) and keeping it moving.​ Dreams interrupted, but not denied.

Thank you for stopping by!


The inspiration behind Sakura's World and
Kaku, the Superhero

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