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We are giving away 3 signed autographed copies of the new novella,

The contest runs from October 14th - 24th

To enter the giveaway, please fill out the submission below:

1. Share this post via your social media outlets.

2. Leave a comment when you subscribe.

3. Answer this question: If you were to be a god or goddess in your story, who would you be and why?

You must be 13 years or older to enter. Single entries only.

That's it! Winners will receive notification via email by November 1st. And we will feature their answers in a future blog.

We hope to inspire readers from all over the world to lose themselves for an hour or a day in lives of the past to improve and better our lives in the present and future.

This little book is a step back into the future and inspires imagination and a desire for a life full of prospects and advantages. If we follow the path of Naomi and other protagonists like her, we swallow our pride and take the bad with the good.

We are survivors!

This short literary novella will add knowledge you did not know you needed and enrich your life and spirit. Pass it along, spread the word and inspire readers of all ages and from all cultural backgrounds to share their life and be motivated by the lives of others.

Nina Louise, author, The Sea of Dead Souls

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