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"My writing coach, Nina, really helped me with honing my resume and cover letter writing skills. They don't teach this class at my school."

Kenny, Product Manager


Check out below just a few of the services I offer clients as a Freelance Writer and Writing Coach.

Magazine Page


My experience gives me the ability to take your draft and make it shine and searchable for the audience you seek. Equipped with a subject, theme or goal, I can create an article for your blog to bring attention to what matters to you most, whether that's sales or clients or both, I am here to help your business shine.

Curriculum Vitae

Resume/Cover Letters

As a former Assistant Store Manager, the hiring and interview manager, I know what we look for in resumes and cover letters. This experience has been my ticket to success in getting hired and in coaching others to hired, success. I have helped numerous college graduates and senior workers, get hired. How can I help you?

Working from Home


In this role, I can use my skills in a variety of ways. Do you need proofreading, editing, or formatting assistance? What about a YouTube script? Or a ghostwriter for your dream screenplay? I have the experience and education to backup my skills in all of the above. See my thorough list below with more services offered for you.

 Services - Come Work With Me
"Let's ignite words and set hearts on fire."

Nina's Workshop

Coming Soon!

My workshops and courses can assist you as a writer in any fashion you desire, academically or personally. 

Up coming courses are:

Resume and Cover Letter Writing 

Academic Writing

Personal Essay Writing

How to Write a Novella

You can find tips and tricks on how to improve your lifestyle by checking out my blogs on life stories, travel and how to articles here.

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